My story book; fun-loving and serious

My story book

Laurie’s contagious attitude inspires one to pause, listen and tune into healthy strides of love connecting the divine within. ~​ ​Russ J. Blagdon 

Blue Diamond’s Graceful Call 

The whispers of Blue Diamond’s graceful calls me to return to my true essence, revealing me, filling me with love, transforming me with each breath. Cut by the powerful silence, set free. Gentle, wonder-full tears bleed into me, seeping tenderly, covering and coloring me, filling me to overflowing through passionate kisses in my mind’s eye. My voice rising again in a tapestry of sighs and woes, highs and lows, as songs of celebration. Yes, we bloom where we are, even when we fall. With a new dawn, light peeks through. And, with eyes wide open, I see a glimpse of shifting tides as a new song arrives. ~ Laurie Cagno

Foreword Insight: ​​​​​​​​In the academic world of physical geography, the point at which two or more rivers meet is referred to as a confluence site. Such a site is ideally positioned to benefit from trade and commerce, and prosperity is practically guaranteed. After editing Laurie’s work, I sometimes feel as if she is situated at a confluence site where coincidences meet.)  ~​ ​Russ J. Blagdon 

Laurie Cagno – Singer, songwriter, storyteller-speaker

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