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Crazy Without You

                                     Love in all it’s glory
On a few musical notes: As creative spirit, yes destiny calls for more. And whenever possible wonderful musicians spice things up with me in the studio and on stage. Including beautiful harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, world beat percussion, drums, bass, violin. Sometimes horns dance us into elements of surprise. Colorful sounds of inspiring rock-n-roll folk meet new original standards with funklike R&B love, even country flavors. Accordingly to the room we aim to resonate with each other right on the stations we are each tuned into. Hmm. (Funny thing is, I love classical music.)
Please understand that like many of us in this wonderful and complex world this website is on-growing in keys of minor and major transformations. You can find my music: social media affiliate partners and most of the the obvious platforms. Released are a few demos, and two complete bodies of work: #1. Dancing Cantos #2. Dreams Keep asking to Dance and #3. Is literally in-route, and on deck. A featured is an original ballad, Think of This. The original demo is piano and vocal. Accompaniment is an interesting and mysterious back story to be shared all in divines times and places. 
On a transparent side note: My favorite gifts are creating  music that inspires toe-tapping and conversations that connect with people on a heart and soul level. Live and in the studio. We all have life stories that are, I am, we are.
Thus, as destiny calls for more I continue committed on this soulful creative journey past, present, and forward. I hope and trust you enjoy surfing these soundwaves. Together we can dive deep or simple skim the surface. Happy listening, and if so inspired please share. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Sincerely, Laurie 

Laurie Cagno Witter (LCW) Singer, songwriter, storyteller, performing artist (201)-317-7730 and